Sunday, December 23, 2018


What does a dining table need?


Everyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with chandeliers.   I go out of my way to find spaces to hang them.
The craziest being a  crystal chandelier in a very small  toilet closet.    I titled it The Crown for the Throne.

I realized that we already had the PERFECT fixture.   The one we installed over our small round table in the Great Room.   

I also realized that by doing this, it created a new problem.   We would have to replace it.  

In order to "sell" this entire idea to MC, I had to find a chandelier that cost no more than a pair of shoes.  I started searching on my "go to" lighting sites.  After two days, and looking at 2000 fixtures, I found one.  It would look just right over our table and was the trendy Sputnik design.

I presented the Plan to MC and he went for it!!!   

The new chandelier arrived two days ago.   So to work we went.
MC called on our trusted friend, Alan, for a needed ladder.
Yesterday MC took down a ceiling fan, our existing light over our table in the Great room, installed that light over our new table, and installed our new Sputnik fixture over the small table.  He was one busy guy.

The Result



See you at next Epiphany

Sunday, December 16, 2018


MC and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas

We send our wishes from OUR NEW TABLE that MC finished yesterday!

I love, love the table!  It's exactly what I pictured in my Epiphany. 

I have always loved this time of year.  Maybe Santa had something to do with that.
We have spent every Christmas together since 1955.   We were so lucky that  MC managed to be home for Christmas  all the years he was  in the Air Force.   I don't know how he did that, but I love him so for that.

Enjoy and make sure you leave out the cookies for Santa


Saturday, December 8, 2018


Two  weeks ago MC began the process of fulfilling my latest Epiphany.

The Epiphany:

Create a Dining/Game Room in the existing Sun Room.

 We have been enjoying jigsaw puzzles lately and needed  a table large enough to work on.   In addition, the table would transform the room into a Dining Room when needed!

MC was up to the challenge !!!! so it was a GO.

We went to his favorite "Toy Store"
 First things first,  get the right cart!

  On to the lumber aisles to get just the right pieces for the legs and sides.

Once those pieces were selected, we found the perfect  MDF board to be the table's top.

It had to be cut down to the correct size, primarily so we could get it in the car to take home.
The size of our trunk determined the size of the table!

The check out aisle, have to pay for this!
Next  the car's trunk.   We were on a roll.

(Those of you with sharp eyes recognize the checkout is at Home Depot, not Lowes.  Everything was bought at Lowe's except for the MDF because the big saws at both our nearby Lowe's were out of order).

In no time we were home and unloading all our treasures into the garage

MC had to cut the legs and sides and then proceeded to assemble the table in no time.........

We have arrived at the slow period.....The Sanding.   MC attacks this process like a candidate would approach a Doctorate Degree.  Never quite finished.  Always more to do or sand!!!!!

Finally he said he was satisfied!

One more step to do......Paint.........

Hopefully, weather permitting, painting will go fast and MC can reveal his masterpiece soon, VERY soon...........................