Friday, June 21, 2019

Not A Game Of Musical Chairs

No, this is a game of Musical Chandeliers!

Something about our Sputnik chandelier, over the breakfast table in the Great Room, was bothering me .   It didn't seem right!   I guessed it was too small.   There is a formula for such things and our Sputnik didn't make the cut!   The "rule" to go by is simple.   You add the length and width of your room, divide by two,  and presto you arrive at the correct diameter for your chandelier.   I FAILED to do this when we ordered it!! 

Our Sputnik was 10 inches too small!!! 

I immediately went on line to see what I could find.  Wow, our Sputnik had a big sister!   Our original one was 18 inches and there she was, one at 28 inches!!!  Perfect.  Fit the formula to a T.

With MC's blessing we ordered the big sister.  MC is so good at this.  He was able to get it with a couple of discounts.   Always love saving $$$

It arrived in 2 days.   And that was with free shipping!   We decided to start the installation yesterday.

In order to put it up we had to move  Baby Sister .    No problem, I found the perfect location.   The foyer.   And....you guessed it......there was already one in the Foyer......that had to be moved to accommodate  Baby Sister.    We have a  hall to the guest bedroom and bath that had a "Boob Light" fixture.  That's the name I have christened every builders standard ceiling light.   It looks like a boob!!!    So the fixture in the Foyer could easily replace the Boob fixture!!!!

MC's day was planned. 

We started around 10 am  and I guess it was almost 4 in the afternoon when it was all done.

We started .   The itinerary went like this

Take down Baby Sister
Put up Big Sister.    This was going to be a little more time consuming than one would expect.
The design has an orb with spokes that screw in.   It had 130 spokes that had to be laboriously screwed in.  !!!!!

When Big Sister was done, we tested to make sure she worked!!  She's so, so bright.  There are 12 lights,    Probably will need a dimmer

We moved on to the Foyer.    Took down the existing Foyer fixture and MC installed Baby Sister.
Oh she's perfect there.   Just the right size.


On to Guest hall.   MC removed "Boob light" and we installed the original Foyer fixture!


What was going through my silly mind most of the afternoon had nothing to do with the light fixtures.    I was way on to my next Epiphany.

I thought it would be great to switch our large clock, which was over the hope chest with our  black framed hall mirror which  was over the console in the dining area.  The mirror would reflect the entire space and the clock was a better proportion over the console.

So......at the proper moment, I mentioned this to MC.   He was so exhausted I figured he thought one more chore wouldn't make that much difference!

The day was a huge success.

MC was in bed at 9:00 and slept 12 hours!



  1. Well done both of you! In designs, sometimes you have to tweak things to make them look just right. I like how Baby Sister and Big Sister looked in their new locations. Good flow and very cohesive!

  2. Thanks Jessie. My mind is now at "rest" after corrected my chandelier size error.
    I have learned that I should follow the rules.

  3. Nothing like some light chores to pass the time!